My dear friends, I am beyond excited to announce that after 1.5 years in the making, my new artist album "Written In The Stars" is OUT NOW!

Countless studio hours went into making this album, and I can breathe out a sigh of relief now that it's finished and there's nothing left to do but to present it to the listeners. I named it after my collaboration with Cari that you heard earlier this year; back when I was working on this track with her, I felt that it was shaping up to be something really special that deserved to be released on a full artist album, so I set it aside just for that occasion – and since it was the inspiring moment that started this journey, it only made sense to name the album after the track.

Besides my track with Cari, there are 15 more cuts on the album, both my solo productions and collaborations that I did with other artists from Suanda Music and with other notable musicians from all over the trance scene. There are my vocal works with the lines of Jennifer Rene, Richard Bedford and Gid Sedgwick to name a few, there are uplifting tracks with Simon O'Shine and Davey Asprey, there are progressive cuts like "Heartbeat" that I produced together with Ruslan Radriges and "Moment" with Anven that you recently heard as a single, and of course my very own solo productions like "Can You Feel The Love" and "Sunset". The album covers the full spectrum of modern trance music as I see it, and I hope that you'll find something in there that resonates with you.

It's been a crazy couple of years for all of us, but personally I'll remember 2020 and 2021 first and foremost as the time when I was putting together this album. I try to focus on the positive even in the strangest of times, and I hope you do too.

"Written In The Stars" is out now in all stores and streaming services – check the link for quick access, or head over to the music store of your choice to discover the album under my artist profile there!


01. Moment (with Anven)
02. This Is Real (with Gid Sedgwick)
03. Immersion (with Eldream & Mark Wild)
04. Risk It All (with Sarah De Warren)
05. Can You Feel The Love
06. Leave You Now (with Romy Wave)
07. Heartbeat (with Ruslan Radriges)
08. Breathe (with Richard Bedford)
09. Impulse (with Davey Asprey)
10. Lately (with Mike Zaloxx & Jennifer Rene)
11. Sunset
12. The River (with Joe Jury)
13. Can You See The Light (with Davey Asprey)
14. Miracle (with Natalie Gioia)
15. Euphoria (with Simon O'Shine)
16. Written In The Stars (with Cari)